Vim&Vigr Compression Socks

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Invigorate your aching legs all day long! Whether it’s sitting, standing, exercising, or flying that leaves your legs tired, achy or swollen, Vim & Vigr knee-high compression socks gently squeeze your legs with our advanced Gradient Pressure knitting technology to help move blood back to your heart and lungs. Also increases the circulation of freshly oxygenated blood back to your legs. Compression begins at the ankle for increased circulation throughout the leg. Flexible toe pocket for extra comfort. Structured leg and fitted heel for exceptional fit. Available in cotton or nylon. Also available: Leg sleeves

  • Listed with the Food and Drug Administration
  • Developed in partnership with vascular surgeons and vein clinics
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Sock sizes:

  • S (Women 5-7) (Men 3.5-5.5). Calf size 11-15”
  • M (Women 7.5-9.5) (Men 6-8). Calf size 12-16”
  • L (Women 10-12) (Men 8.5-10.5). Calf size 13-17"
  • Wide Calf (Women 5-12) (Men 3.5-10.5). Calf 18-22”

Sleeve sizes

  • S/M Unisex Calf size 11-14.5”
  • M/L Unisex Calf size 15-18.5”

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